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20 May 2024

Thesis Copies in the Elizabeth Spreadbury Library

Listed in reverse date order (most recent at the top). Institution is UCL unless stated otherwise.

  • Electron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment
    Anna Holin, February 2010
  • Search for the double beta decay of 96Zr with NEMO-3 and calorimeter development for the SuperNEMO experiment
    Matthew Kauer, January 2010
  • Beauty in photoproduction at HERA II with the ZEUS detector
    Sarah Boutle, August 2009
  • Measurement of the Double Beta Decay Half-Life of 100Mo to the 01+ Excited State, and 48Ca to the Ground State in the NEMO 3 Experiment
    Shiva King, October 2008
  • The study of D+- and D0 meson production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA II with the ZEUS detector
    Daniel Nicholass, Aug 2008
  • Cross section measurements for Quasi-Electric Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with the MINOS Near Detector
    Dorman M., 2008
  • A Measurement of the Production of Jets in Association with a W Boson in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at the Tevatron using Data Collected with the CDF Experiment
    Ben Cooper, Sep 2006
  • A Measurement of the W+ W- production cross section in ppbar collisions at √s=1.96 TeV in the DiLepton channel and limits on anomalous WWZ/γ couplings
    Dustin McGivern, Sept 2005
  • Measurement of Inclusive Radiative B-Meson Decay B → Xsγ
    V.E.Ozcan, 2005 , Stanford
  • Study of Exclusive Charmless Semileptonic Decays of the B Meson
    Weinstein A.J., 2004, Stanford
  • Calibration of the MINOS detectors
    Ryan Nichol, Oct 2003
  • Studies of Supersymmetry Model for the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
    Barr A. J., 2003, Cambridge
  • Charm and the Virtual Photon at HERA and a Global Tracking Trigger for ZEUS
    Ben West, August 2001
  • Energy Flow and Rapidity Gaps between jets in Photoproduction
    Wyatt Angela, 2001 , Manchester
  • Measurement of the Triple Gauge Boson Couplings and W Polarization in W-Pair Production at LEP2
    Jonathan Couchman, Oct 2000
  • The Study of Heavy Quark Production in High ET Photoproduction at HERA using the ZEUS Detector
    Matthew Wing, January 1999
  • Dijet photoproduction at high transverse energies
    Vossebeld J., 1999 , Amsterdam
  • An Investigation of Singly and Doubly Tagged Photon-Photon Scattering Using the OPAL Detector at LEP
    Edward A. McKigney, September 1998
  • Probing the Parton evolution in DIS a low xbj using jet observables
    Rivelin M., 1998 , McGill
  • Measurement of charm production in deep inelastic scattering
    Verkerke W., 1998 , Amsterdam
  • Measurement of the proton structure function F2 at low Q2 and very low x with the ZEUS beam pipe calorimeter at HERA
    Surrow B., 1998 , Hamburg
  • A Measurement of Dijet Photoproduction at HERA using the Zeus Detector
    Robert L. Saunders, September 1997
  • Investigation of the Performance of Microstrip Gas Detectors for X-rays and Evaluation of their Application to Mammography
    Antonis Papanestis, July 1997
  • Measurments of the tau lepton polarisation asymmetries using tau->mu nu-mu-bar nu-tau decays identified in the OPAL detector at LEP
    Lewis C. M., 1997 ,
  • The theory of multiple interactions in two photon physics
    Walker R., 1997 , Manchester
  • A parallel processing track trigger for the ZEUS High Energy electron-proton scattering detector
    Quadt A., 1997 , Oxford
  • Measurements of the Tau Lepton Polarisation Asymmetries Using TAU --> MUON MUON-ANTINEUTRINO TAU-NEUTRINO Decay Identified in the OPAL Detector at LEP.
    Clive M. Lewis, December 1996 RAL-TH-97-002
  • A Study of Photon Structure with Special Attention to the Low-x Region
    Jason J. Ward, August 1996 RAL-TH-96-014
  • Study of dijet prosses in Photoproduction at HERA
    Yamazaki Y., 1996 , Tokyo
  • A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson using the OPAL Detector at LEP
    A. Kwasi Ametewee, October 1995 RAL-TH-95-012
  • A measurment of the forward-backward asymmetry of Z->mu+mu- and a search for an additional neutral vector gauge boson usign EW observables at OPAL
    Bright-Thomas P.G., 1995 , Brunel
  • Study of charm production at HERA using the ZEUS detector
    van Woudenberg R., 1995 , Amsterdam
  • Study of the photon remnant in resolved photoproduction at HERA
    Behrens B.H., 1995 , Wisconsin-Madison
  • The first measurment of the left-right cross section asymmetry in Z boson production
    Ben-David R. J., 1994 , Stanford
  • Measurement of the left-right asymmetry in Z boson production by electron-positron collisions
    Elia R. D., 1994 , Stanford
  • Hadronic wavefunctions in light-cone quantization
    Hyer T., 1994 , Stanford
  • Electroweak coupling measurments from polarized Bhabha scattering at the Z resonance
    Pitts K., 1994 , Stanford
  • The left-right forward-backward asymmetry for b-quarks at the SLD
    Williams D. C., 1994 , Stanford
  • A determination of the three jet rate for b quarks and a test of massive QCD at LEP
    Barnett S., 1994 , Manchester
  • A measurment of the Total Photon-Photon cross section in the center of Mass Energy range 167 to 194 GeV
    Burow B.D., 1994 , Toronto
  • An initial study of diffractive physics in electron-posistron collisions at HERA and performance of the tracking trigger of the ZEUS experiment
    Byrne A.F, 1994 , Oxford
  • A Measurement of the Photon Structure Function F2(x)
    Mark H. Lehto, September 1993 RALT-020
  • Strange meson spectroscopy in Komega and Kphi at 11 GeV/c and cherenkov ring imaging at SLD
    Kwon Y., 1993 , Stanford
  • A study of jet rates and measurment of a_{s} at the Z resonance
    Lauber J.A., 1993 , Stanford
  • Single electron detection for sld crid and multi-pion spectroscopy in K^- p interactions at 11 GeV/c
    Rensing P. E., 1993 , Stanford
  • Evidence for b Baryons and Bs mesons in Z decays
    Pater J. R, 1993 , Wisconsin-Madison
  • A measurment of the Lamda_b, B{_d}{^0}bar, B^{-} and B_{s}bar lifetimes
    Weber F. V., 1993 , Wisconsin-Madison
  • Electron Drift in the Zeus central Tracking Detector
    Giddings J. C., 1992 , Imperial
  • Performance of the ZEUS second level tracking trigger and studies of R-parity violating supersymmetry at HERA
    Butterworth J. M., 1992 , Oxford
  • Measurment of the bottom hadron lifetime at the Z resonance
    Fujino D. H., 1992 , Stanford
  • A measurment of the Z hadronic branching fraction to bottom quarks and the charged multiplicity of bottom quark events
    Koethke D. S., 1992 , Stanford
  • Search for doubly cabibbo suppressed decays of the charged D Meson
    Labs J. F, 1992 , Stanford
  • A study of the interactions of 200 A GeV 16O and 32S Ions in Nuclear Emulsion
    Yuen S. K., 1992 ,
  • Measurement of the proton structure function at HERA using the ZEUS detector
    Bentvelsen Stan, 1992 , Amsterdam
  • The global second level trigger for ZEUS
    Uijterwaal H., 1992 , Amsterdam
  • The design of the FADC readout system for the ZEUS central tracking detector
    De Sousa e Morgado, 1992 , Bristol
  • The design of a First Level Tracking Trigger for the ZEUS experiment and studies for low-x physics in electron-proton collision at HERA
    Lancaster M., 1992 , Oxford
  • An amplitude analysis of the K K-bar system (M < 2 GeV/c2) produced in J/Ψ radiative decay
    Chen L. P., 1991 , Stanford
  • Approximation Schemes for the scattering of spin one particles
    Gaber M. W., 1991 ,
  • Resonance production in two-photon processes (2 COPIES)
    Seddiki A., 1991 ,
  • Measurement of the number of light neutrino generations, Z resonance parameters, and absolute luminosity at the ALEPH detector
    Wear J. A., 1991 , Wisconsin-Madison
  • An Investigation into Photocathodes for use in a Large Area Positron Camera
    Wells K., 1991 , Brunel
  • Pattern Recognition in the ZEUS Central Tracking Detector
    David Shaw, October 1990 RALT-102
  • Studies of Small-Angle Electron Positron Collisions at High Energies
    Christopher Howarth, 1990
  • Determination of the Number of Light Neutrino Generations
    Nicholas Wood, 1990 RALT-112
  • Dense skyrmion structures
    Jones P., 1990 ,
  • The ZEUS second level Calorimeter Trigger: Physics Simulation, Design and Implementation
    De Jong S., 1990 , Amsterdam
  • Electroweak effects in charm production in e+e- annihilations
    Watson A. T., 1989 ,
  • Charmed particle production and decay in a high energy photoproduction experiment
    Forty R., 1988 , Imperial
  • Position measurment in the ALEPH Inner Tracking Chamber
    Heinson A. P., 1988 , Imperial
  • Strange Baryon Production in e+e- annihilation
    Tomalin I. R., 1988 , Oxford
  • Zeros of the scattering amplitude in the momentum transfer plane
    Lansbury A., 1988 ,
  • A search for particles with Magnetic Charge Produce in e+e- annihilations at √(s)=35 GeV
    Shulman J., 1988 ,
  • Aspects of skyrmion quantisasion
    Williams G., 1988 ,
  • b Quark enrichment by lifetime tagging in e+e- annihilations
    Dong S., 1987 , Imperial
  • Lambda and Anti-Lambda Polarization in Proton-Proton Interactions from √(s)=31 to 62 GeV
    Sherwood P., 1987 , A
  • A study of the tau leptons in electron-positron annihilations at high energies
    Clarke P.E.L, 1985 , Oxford
  • The skyrmion-skyrmion interaction
    Jackson A., 1984 ,
  • Neutral particle production in low energy interactions between K- mesons and protons
    James E. Conboy, June 1983
  • Aspects of perturbative quantum chromodynamics
    Khalafi F., 1983 , Cambridge
  • Polarization effects in pion-deuteron reactions
    Alvear C., 1983 ,
  • A study of inclusive neutrino interactions induced on Ne and H nuclei exposed to the same neutrino and antineutrino beams
    Parker M. A., 1983 ,
  • High energy hadron-proton elastic scattering in the large momentum transfer region.
    Martin H. Phillips, 1982
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of radiative processes in electron-positron scattering
    Kleiss R.H.P, 1982 , Leiden
  • An Experimental Study of Pion Production in Antineutrino Interactions in Propane
    Robert C. W. Henderson, 1980
  • Elastic pion-deuteron scattering at low energies
    Robilotta M. R., 1979 ,
  • Interactions of low momentum kaons in hydrogen
    Bedford N. H., 1979 , Durham
  • Cross sections for neutral channels in K-p interactions between 1470 and 1550 MeV cm energy
    Fallahi M.G, 1978 , Durham
  • Cross sections for charged channels in K-p interactions between 1470 and 1550 MeV cm energy
    Hamam Y. A., 1978 , Durham
  • A Study of neutrino and antineutrino interactions in complex nuclei
    Alan G. Michette, February 1975
  • A study of three particle scattering in one dimension with zero range interactions
    Simons N. P., 1975 ,
  • The scattering of high energy particles from nuclei with particle and target excitation
    Rogers C. F., 1972 ,
  • High energy scattering of systems with internal structure
    Craigie N. S., 1971 ,
  • On dynamics of elementary particles derived from relativistic quark models
    Dias de Deus J.V.C, 1971 ,
  • Bubble chamber studies of the decay and interaction of charged K-mesons
    Treutler O., 1968 ,
  • A hall effect magnetic field stabilizer and a study of some N-N interactions at 1 GeV
    Jones T. W., 1966 , Birmingham
  • Lamda hyperon properties studied by the bubble chamber technique
    Knight W. L., 1964 ,
  • Bubble Chamber Studies of the Beta-Decay of Hyperons
    David Miller, 1964
  • Proton-Proton Triple Scattering Experiments at 50 MeV
    Derek C. Imrie, July 1963
  • The Interaction of Nuclei with K-Mesons and Hyperons
    Alan D. Martin, August 1962