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29 Feb 2024

STFC Rutherford/Royal Society University Fellowships

We are keen to support a limited number of strong candidates in applying for STFC and Royal Society Fellowships. If your profile and interests match our activities, we would be very interested to hear from you.

The best initial approach is to contact either the group leader, or an academic staff member in your area of interest, informally. We will require short drafts of the research proposal and the names of two referees, to be submitted via their academic staff member contact or head of group before 30th June 2017. In this way we can ensure we meet the internal UCL deadlines and the proposed research can be supported by the group, particularly since the STFC Fellowships have a strict quota (anticipated 4 for HEP/Astro) and that we can offer timely advice that may increase the application's chance of success.

Information on UCL internal deadlines for submitting relevant forms will appear shortly.