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HEP Seminars

10 Apr 2021

UCL HEP Seminars 1998

14/12/98 Carsten Hensel (Hamburg University)

Beam induced Background at a Detector at a 500 GeV Electron-Positron Linear Collider

25/11/98 Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder (Karlsruhe University)

Photon structure at LEP and Linear Collider


IoP Half day meeting on future physics.

30/9/1998 Jason Ward (Glasgow)

W Physics Results from ALEPH

15/9/98 Thomas Hadig (Aachen)

Measuring the Gluon Density in the Proton at H1

20/7/98 Greg Landsberg (Brown)

Search for Exotics at D0

3/6/98 David Miller (RAL) (no relation)

Heavy Quarks from Gluon Splitting at LEP

20/5/98 Marco Stratmann (Durham)

Physics at a Polarised HERA

13/5/98 Paul Dervan (UCL)

Silicon Vertex Detectors

6/5/98 Ben Allanach (RAL)

Increased Predictivity in Supersymmetry

29/4/98 Chris Llewellyn-Smith (CERN)

Colloquium - The LHC Program

22/4/1998 David Miller (UCL)

Lepton collider prospects

3/4/1998 Rajendran Raja (FNAL)

Top quark Physics results from the Tevatron

18/3/1998 Martin McDermott (Manchester)

Diffractive Heavy Quarkonium production

16/3/1998 Malcolm Longair (Cambridge)

The Enigma of the Cosmological Constant, The Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture


IoP HEPP Group Half Day at UCL on Neutrino Physics

4/3/1998 Michael Kramer (RAL)

Current status of Quarkonia Physics

18/2/1998 Paul Dervan (UCL)

The SLD vertex detector upgrade.

16/2/1998 Martin Rees (at STS)

Our Universe and Others

28/1/1998 Simon George (RHBNC)

The ATLAS SCT Trigger

21/1/1998 Prof. H. M. Chan (RAL)

Are post-GZK air showers due to strongly interacting neutrinos?

Joint with Astronomy group, in the Massey Theatre

14/1/1998 Prof. D. H. Davis