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HEP Seminars

10 Apr 2021

UCL HEP Seminars 2000

8/12/2000, 4pm : Ivan Reid (UCL)

Muons in Sulphur and Selenium

24/11/2000, 4pm : Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Sheffield)

Dark Matter searches and neutrino astrophysics.

17/11/2000, 4pm : David Miller (UCL) (In A19)

Has LEP found the Higgs?

20/10/2000, 4pm : Angela Wyatt (Manchester).

Rapidity Gaps Between Jets at HERA

13/10/2000, 4pm : Murray Moinester (Tel Aviv).

Colour Transparency and Exclusive Meson Production at COMPASS

Wednesday 23/8/2000, 2pm : Akos Csilling (UCL)

Photon Structure and More

Don't miss your chance to meet our other OPAL postdoc!

7/4/2000 Dave Waters (Oxford) (TBC)

Measuring the W at the Tevatron

20/3/2000 5:15pm The Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture : Alan Watson, University of Leeds.

The Quest for the Origin of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays

Cruciform Lecture Theatre No.1. Tea, squash biscuits etc in South Cloisters at 4.45

17/3/2000 Mark Hindmarsh (Sussex)

The Dynamics of Phase Transitions in the Early Universe

3/3/2000 Pedro Teixeira-Dias (Glasgow)

Higgs searches at LEP

11/2/2000 Paul Newman (Birmingham) (TBC)

Diffractive DIS at HERA.

21/1/2000 Dave Wark (Oxford/Sussex/RAL)

Status of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory