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HEP Seminars

10 Apr 2021

UCL HEP Seminars 2002

29/11/2002, 4pm. ***POSTPONEDUNTIL 13/12/2002*** : Stewart Boogert (University College London)

"Introduction to Linear Collider Physics"

22/11/2002, 4pm : Dr. Jon Butterworth (University College London)

"HERA physics as a preparation for LHC"

8/11/2002, 4pm : Professor Tom Ferbel (University of Rochester & Imperial College)

"New Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark"

11/10/2002, 4pm : Dr. Lee Thompson (University of Sheffield)

"ANTARES - a neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean" ... or ... "Diving for WIMPs - neutrino astrophysics in the Mediterranean"

5/9/2002, 4pm : Professor Paul Singer(Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

"Rare Charm Decays and the Search for New Physics"

14/6/2002, 11am : Greg Landsberg (Brown University)

"Black Hole Production at Future Colliders and Cosmic Rays"

10/5/2002, 4pm : Steve Biller (Oxford)

"SNO : Latest Results"

22/3/2002, 4pm : Dr.Cristina Lazzeroni (Cambridge)

"CP Violation Results from NA48"

15/3/2002, 4pm : Richard Hall-Wilton (UCL)

"Charm Production in DIS at HERA"

8/3/2002, 4pm : Stefano Moretti (CERN-TH and Durham-IPPP)

"Improving the discovery potential of charged Higgs bosons at Tevatron and the LHC"

1/2/2002, 4pm : Ed McKigney (Imperial College London)

"MuScat and MICE: Steps toward a Neutrino Factory"