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HEP Seminars

10 Apr 2021

UCL HEP Seminars 2003

21/11/2003, 4pm : Peter Richardson (CERN/Durham) *TBC*

"Parton Shower Monte Carlos : The State of the Art"

7/11/2003, 4pm : Ben Allanach (LAPTH)

"R-parity Violating SUSY" (including SUSY primer)

24/10/2003, 4pm : Rob Edgecock (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

"Neutrino Factory : Physics and Prospects"

10/10/2003, 4pm : Subir Sarkar, Oxford University

"The world according to WMAP: Does cosmology now have a Standard Model?"

Recent precision observations of anisotropies in the relic 2.7 K radiation by NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe are supposed to have determined the values of cosmological parameters to a few per cent, and in particular, to have established the presence of a cosmological constant. We will discuss the assumptions that underlie these results and draw attention to alternative cosmological models which also appear to be consistent with the data.

6/6/2003, 4pm : Dr. Ruben Saakyan (UCL)

"Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay & NEMO"

30/5/2003, 4pm. ***POSTPONEDUNTIL 20/6/2003*** : Joao Seco (ICR)

"Simulations for Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT)"

23/5/2003, 4pm. ***POSTPONED UNTIL 13/6/2003*** : Dr. Nigel Smith (RAL)

"The search for WIMPs in the UK"

14/3/2003, 4pm : Professor Tim Sumner (Imperial College London)

"The observation of gravitational waves from space using LISA"

7/3/2003, 4pm : Ankush Mitra (Oxford University)

"LICAS: The Linear Collider Alignment and Survey Project"

14/2/2003, 4pm : Silvia Miglioranzi (University College London)

"Algorithms Designed to Measure b-quark Production at the ZEUS Experiment at HERA"

31/1/2003, 4pm : Chris Damerell (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

"Feedback from Vertex 2002 Conference"

20/1/2003, 4pm : Professor Karl van Bibber (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

"A Large-Scale Search for Dark-Matter Axions"