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HEP Seminars

31 Jan 2023

UCL HEP Seminars 2023

: Dieter Roehrich (Bergen)

Proton-CT - imaging with protons in particle therapy

A novel imaging modality using protons promises to overcome some limitations of particle therapy. Being able to position the Bragg peak accurately inside the tumor is a major advantage of charged particles, but incomplete knowledge about a crucial tissue property, the stopping power, limits its precision. A proton/helium-CT scanner provides direct information about the stopping power and has the potential to reduce range uncertainties significantly. A (clinical) prototype of a proton-CT has been designed and is being constructed in Bergen. The latest developments in Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) technology allow the fabrication of an extremely high granularity, large area silicon/absorber sandwich calorimeter with 41 sensitive layers of MAPS. A complete CT reconstruction of a simulated anthropomorphic paediatric head phantom shows that the concept of a single-sided detector setup and realistic pencil beam parameters gives a spatial uncertainty and a stopping power resolution sufficient for proton therapy treatment planning. The expected performance based on simulations, first beam test results and the status of the construction will be presented.