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11 Dec 2023

MMHT2015qed PDFs: LHAPDF grids

Here we enclose the preliminary LHAPDF 6 grid files corresponding to the MMHT2015qed PDFs, published in

  L. A. Harland-Lang, A. D. Martin, R. Nathvani, R. S. Thorne
  "Ad Lucem: QED Parton Distribution Functions in the MMHT Framework"

Please reference this paper if you use the PDFs for a publication.

We provide NLO and NNLO grids for the central fit and 50 eigvectors sets (corresponding to 25 eigenvectors in the '+' and '-' directions), for a 68% confidence interval. These are defined using the Hessian approach and dynamical tolerance criteria described in arXiv:0901.0002. Further uncertainties due to the photon PDF input are provided in members 51-62. These correspond to 6 +/- pairs, and the corresponding uncertainty due to these should be calculated in the usual way, see arXiv:1907.02750 for further details.

  QCD-only fit     MMHT2015qcd_nlo     MMHT2015qcd_nnlo  
  Total photon (default)     MMHT2015qed_nlo     MMHT2015qed_nnlo  
  Elastic photon only     MMHT2015qed_nlo_elastic     MMHT2015qed_nnlo_elastic  
  Inelastic photon only     MMHT2015qed_nlo_inelastic     MMHT2015qed_nnlo_inelastic