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10 Apr 2021


Here we enclose the LHAPDF 6 grid files corresponding to the MSHT20 PDFs, published in arXiv:2012.04684.

Please reference this paper if you use the PDFs for a publication.

We provide NLO and NNLO grids for the central fit and 64 eigenvectors sets (corresponding to 32 eigenvectors in the '+' and '-' directions), for a 68% confidence interval. LO grids are provided with 60 eigenvector sets. Grids for the central fit + eigenvectors are provided for αS=0.130 at LO, αS=0.118 and 0.120 at NLO and αS=0.118 at NNLO.

Finally, central grids are provided for a short ranges of αS values at NLO and NNLO. At NLO αS=0.115-0.122 and at NNLO αS=0.115-0.121, in increments of 0.001.

Note a formatting issue lead to the αS grid for LHAPDF interpolation being incorrect in version 1 of all grids. This has now been fixed in version 2.

Central + eigenvector sets

Central sets for small αS range